Archie’s Story

Archie, a five month old Black and white Domestic Shorthair kitten, came to us as a stray on June 16th after the finder realized Archie was injured and could not walk. FHS staff rushed him to Bonnie Brae. After days of testing and exams, it was determined Archie was severely dehydrated and anemic, with a broken vertebrae near his tail. Imagine the pain associated with that injury.

From June 24th though September 19th, FHS kennel coordinator, Trabert Allen, and Kristen Hatfield, a Bonnie Brae employee, fostered Archie and saw to his every need, slowly returning him to good strength. We are most grateful to Dr. Fitch, DVM, the staff of Bonnie Brae and for Trabert and Kristen’s tender effort beyond the call of duty to see Archie back to health. Mrs. Morgan of Tryon has adopted Archie who will at last receive the loving attention that he richly deserves.

Bravo for their teamwork!


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