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Champ’s Fund

Champ’s Fund was set up in honor of the Late, Great Champ, official spokes-dog of Foothills Humane Society, therapy dog, costume judge (and reluctant wearer of costumes, his least favorite obligation), dearly loved visitor of schools, assisted living facilities, and the Special Olympics, and author of a column published in the Tryon Daily Bulletin, among other things. We all miss his fluffy white presence and comments!

Champ was once a stray dog, a thin, broken-toothed, bruised, heartworm positive stray dog. He is a shining example of what a beaten-down stray dog can accomplish.  Champ’s Fund has been established to help other stray dogs with heartworm and other medical problems, so they too can be adopted and have the opportunity to become the best they can be. We encourage you to donate generously to Champ’s Fund!

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