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Lost Cat Search Tips

Foothills Humane SocietyLost Cat Search Tips

Help with Finding a Lost Cat

  • CATS – especially when frightened – will hide.  Take a flashlight when looking for a lost cat – Cats can hide in very small spaces.
  • LOOK CLOSE BY AT FIRST:  Most cats don’t go far.  If a cat is not used to being out, or doesn’t know the area, she will likely be within 300-400 feet or where she was lost – if she can find a place to hide.  If a cat is used to be outdoors, she can be within her regular territory – or at least 1 – 2 blocks away.
  • LOOK INSIDE GARAGES AND OUTBUIDLINGS: Look in garages, sheds – ask your neighbors to check or if you can look inside.  A garage or shed door may have been opened to mow the lawn, do gardening and a cat could run inside and hide (and not make a sound).
  • LOOK INSIDE YOUR HOME/GARAGE/SHED – Cats can hide in very small spaces – under a bureau, inside drawers, closet, behind the washer/dryer and refigerator. Again – they may not make any sound at all -even when calling their name.   But some cats may make a sound if you call their name – always worth calling their name and then listening for a reply.
  • LOOK UNDER PORCHES, HOUSES, BUSHES – ANY HOLE – NO MATTER HOW SMALL: A frightened cat may quickly hide in the first area (hole, building) they see and later when safe may change location.
  • MAKE THE SOUNDS THAT MEAN DINNER IS READY: Bring the food outside – and prepare it.  The sound of can opening, dried food being put in a bowl, or a spoon hitting the bowl – may entice your cat to come to you. leave it out for a bit but never overnight – You do not want other animals to come eat the food  (or scar your cat from coming closer)
  • SIT QUIETLY AND READ ALOUD (Especially at dusk and dawn): Your cat may likely be up and about at dusk and dawn, even if she does not know how to hunt.  She may come to you if you are sitting quietly – and she can hear the sound of your voice when you are speaking calmly – make sure no one else is around.
  • GO TO ALL THE LOCAL SHELTERS – CONTRACT ANIMAL CONTROL –  CALLING ON THE PHONE IS NOT ALWAYS EFFECTIVE WHEN CHECKING WITH OTHER SHELTERS/RESCUES.  IN NORTH CAROLINA SHELTERS LEGALLY HAVE TO HOLD FOR 72 HOURS – if no owner appears, the animal can be put up for adoption, or if it is not a No Kill shelter – can be euthanized after 72 hours.   Physically check shelters yourselve  – An animal may come in dirty, matted and may not look the way you described your cat. Also people can distinguish colors differently (grey, brown tigers). Make several trips – it may day a few days before a cat  ay be picked up and brought to the shelter.
  • POST ON FACEBOOK WITH A PICTURE:  post on your Facebook page – ask friends and family to share. Post on Carolina Lost and Found and Lost and Found of the Carolina Foothills.

Make sure your cat and animals are microchipped.  This is enormously helpful in identifying the owners of lost animals.