Thank You

Thank you for participating in the Foster Care Program at Foothills Humane Society. Fostering is a wonderful way to contribute to the shelter and its mission by providing love and care to sick, injured or underage animals. By you temporarily caring for these animals in your own home, more kennel space is available for pets ready for adoption. The individualized attention you provide your foster animals is priceless – you are making a lasting impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing. And you are SAVING LIVES!!!!  We cannot save the lives of all the animals at the shelter without our FABULOUS FOSTERS!!

This manual is a guide to provide you with important information about caring for your foster animals and will clarify many questions or concerns that you might have along the way. Feel free to call or email the Foster Care Coordinator with additional questions or concerns. Our goal is to make your foster care experience enjoyable.

Without our Fabulous Fosters we could not have saved all these animals!

If you have a friend or family member who is interested in becoming a Foster Care Volunteer, please direct them to the Foster Care Coordinator and have them complete the Foster Care Application here. Again, thank you for accepting this important responsibility. We truly appreciate your commitment. Good luck and happy fostering!!!


Foster Care Coordinator :  Samantha Austin
Phone: 828-863-4444

If you have a medical question, call 828-863-4444 during shelter hours. Assistance from shelter staff is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 am-5pm and Sundays from 1-5pm. The shelter is closed on Wednesdays and on most major holidays.